The “Is For Me?” Meme Calls Out History’s Greedy Villains (19 Memes)

History is full of people and organizations who have made grabs for everything from land, to resources, to cold hard cash. Most of them are not remembered fondly. There should be greater repercussions to imperialism and murder than being mocked online, but that’s what we got right now.

There is a popular meme right now being used to joke about these monsters called “Is For Me?” emoji meme and its power may be in its understatement.

The image is of a shy smiling emoji paired with two fingers touching. In Internet speak, these face represents hopeful cuteness that’s asking for something. Don’t ask me how I know, I am just terminally online.

For confirmation, Know Your Meme reports that Redditor Romantrxsh posted one of the first versions as a commentary on the U.S.A.’s propensity for invading foreign nations to grab their oil:

Since then, it’s blown up all over Reddit and on Twitter, and has extended to address such controversial topics as hungry ducks and Samuel L. Jackson cursing. In some cases, I find the meme a little too cutesy for the subject, but this is how people communicate now. It might even be simple enough for even the president to understand if he needs a quick history lesson. Is for him.