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Rumors Of Kim Jong Un’s Death Lead To Macabre Kim Jong Un Memes (26 Tweets)

Important question: is North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un dead? Usually, that’s a yes or no question, but in this case—as of the morning of Sunday, April 26, anyway—the country’s intense secrecy and isolation is making it pretty hard to find out. The Washington Post reports that the widespread belief that he is or imminently will be is incorrect, according to U.S. intelligence officials. They’ve been monitoring satellite images that appear to show the dictator’s train heading to Wonsan, a coastal resort in the country, last week.

But that hasn’t stopped the rumors from circulating. They first kicked up when Kim Jong Un failed to put in an appearance at an event on April 15 that celebrates the birth of his grandfather, who founded the Kim regime. It’s basically the biggest blowout of the year, so for him to not show up meant something was seriously wrong. He missed a few more public appearances, and China supposedly sent some doctors to North Korea to consult on his health. 

The Internet does not need confirmation to do what it does best—make memes that are borderline incomprehensible unless you spend all day looking at memes. Some of them just directly compare the situation to Weekend at Bernie’s. Others got more complicated referring to a Russian prison from video game Call of Duty: Warzone called the Gulag, where Kim Jong Un must fight to return to the game (being alive).

And some just posted other famous Internet clips with the appropriate caption for the situation, most of them implying that his death might be the first thing people will have cause to celebrate in 2020.

Whatever you need to process the maybe loss of Kim Jong Un, the memes got you. Unless you sincerely like him, in which case, how do you have access to this website?