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Just 19 Of The Best Leonardo DiCaprio From “Django Unchained” Memes

It’s always fun when a meme gets resurrected by meme necromancers. The Leonardo DiCaprio laughing meme came from a scene in Django Unchained and was first seen on Tumblr way back in 2017, according to Know Your Meme, posted by user schuetzengrabenmints. In the original scene, DiCaprio’s character is drinking a cocktail out of a coupe glass and laughing, his smug racist face contorted with amusement. 

In the version posted by schuetzengrabenmints he’s holding a Monster energy drink. The image is in response to someone saying that they wished the national language was French.

“Get a load of this tumblr user. FRENCH!” they responded, along with the image. Mon dieu!

The image resurfaced on Reddit, posted by Redditor babyyoda1203, and then made its way to r/DankMemes. the rest is history. It seems like a meme for younger people, because there are references to getting your lunch packed, substitute teachers, and being the first to get a driver’s license in your friend group. But there are a few thrown in there for the Olds. Welcome back, smarmy DiCaprio: