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30 Of The Best Memes About Donald Trump Getting COVID-19

Trump COVID memes are taking over the internet.

After months of downplaying the severity of the coronavirus, eschewing masks, and holding huge crowded events, Donald Trump announced that he and his wife Melania have tested positive for COVID-19. It was really kind of inevitable, but the news still shook the Internet. Many people immediately leaped to conspiracy theories and wondering how this could turn out to be the Worst Thing Yet. Many more decided to sit back and savor the president reaping what he’s sown, whatever may come. 

And of course a lot of people made memes. Memes are how we express ourselves in dark times and in good ones, when there’s something to celebrate. These memes really run the gamut of human emotion, though the general theme is “Ha ha!”

If you don’t think that’s a classy response, don’t scroll through. If you’re on the fence, consider how Trump has responded to almost 200,000 people dying under his watch and how classy his response to that has been. He’s got Herman Cain tweeting from the grave for him, he deserves this mockery at the very least: