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Vin Diesel ‘Family’ Memes Are Taking Over Fast And Furious (20 Memes)

The ninth installment, F9, of the Fast and Furious franchise recently came out in theaters and fans are making memes with 2015’s famous line “I don’t have friends. I got family.”

In the newest film, Vin Diesel’s character Dominic Toretto retires and stops living his life dangerously.

Here are some of the best memes.

1. Family Time

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3. Vin v Loki

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4. Gifts

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5. Lightning McQueen

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6. Strong

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7. Megatron

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8. Dogs are Family

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9. Family

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10. Not Alone

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11. More of Us

12. Forever

13. Legends

14. Family sucks

15. Suicide

16. He has a family

17. Friends

18. Weak

19. When You’re Here

20. We’ve only just begun