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The “Why Are You Dressed Like That?” Meme Invokes Holiday Awkwardness

This holiday season has been unlike any that have come before, or at least since 1918. A lot of people decided to stay isolated for the holiday out of fear of spreading COVID-19, a very reasonable fear indeed based on the spike in cases following Thanksgiving.

It’s sad to miss out on a classic family Christmas, but if we’re real it’s not all fun and games going home for the holidays. We don’t all fit in.

Twitter user @nternetgirl managed to encapsulate what it’s like to be reintroduced to your entire family who you have nothing in common with in one tweet.

On one side, a large family stares at the camera and asks, “Why are you dressed like that,” and on the other side a grey-skinned demon asks “like what.”

How did they know how I feel when I see my cousins?

The format took off and became the “why are you dressed like that” meme for every person who has felt like the odd one out at the dinner table when the whole family gathers together. It’s almost like being at home: