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30+ Funny Wine Memes That Pair Perfectly With Anyone Who Loves Wine

Did you know wine has been around for at least 7,000 years, making it the oldest known form of alcohol humans consume? If not, maybe drop that little nugget of information the next time you’re having a glass of wine with your friends. 

Either that or, maybe dig into the meme archive and share some of these hilarious hot takes on vino.

30 Wine Memes That Have Aged Like A Fine Wine

30 Wine Memes That Have Aged Like A Fine Wine

1. Sneaky. Gonna try this.

wine meme - Sneaking wine into my office

2. My exact process,

How to drink wine: 1. Get glass. 2. Open wine bottle. 3. Throw glass in garbage. (you don't need that) 4. Drink whole bottle. 5. Repeat.

3. I prefer to drink my calories.

wine meme - pair with

4. Who’s coming home with me? Cabernet? Riojo? Chardonnay?

Wine Meme - Adele wine aisle

5. Should we open another bottle?

Wine Meme - two bottles of wine

6. Amazing, but could you make it 13% alcohol?

Wine Meme - wine ice cream


Wine Meme - it's a match you wine


Wine Meme - I don't always drink wine

9. Like a fine wine, this tattoo will last forever.

Wine Meme - wine pouring arm tattoos


Wine Meme - does not simply taste wine


Wine Meme - glass of wine a day


Wine Meme - Willy Wonka wine connoisseur

13. Excuse me, but technically a bottle of wine is one glass because the bottle is made of glass.

Wine Meme - can't drink whole bottle wine


Wine Meme - save water drink wine


Wine Meme - wine aisle you complete me


Wine Meme - wine aerobics


Wine Meme - having glass of wine

18. Wine Wednesday, but also Wine Everyday.

Wine Meme - come over for wine


Wine Meme - win with e on end


Wine Meme - Little Mermaid


Wine Meme - there's no drink like wine


Wine Meme - pouring wine


Wine Meme - sign to open wine bottle

24. I find a nice Pinot Grigio pairs well with my kids shitting themselves.

Wine Meme - expensive part of having kids


Wine Meme - say when wine pouring


Wine Meme - me at a wine tasting


Wine Meme - Betty White me and bff


wine meme - plans tonight




wine memes - so-what-do-you-do-for-fun-me-redwining-my-only-interests-are-drinking-wine-and-judging-people

31. I don’t know why this thing hasn’t assembled itself yet. Better just open another bottle and try again.

wine meme - ikea instructions