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20 Of The Funniest “Wojak At A Party” Memes We Had Time To Find

Wojak memes, which feature a grimacing figure also known as “Feels Guy,” take various forms but generally the mood is one of loneliness and frustration with the world. Whether the avatar is crying in vexation about something or trying to mask his true feelings, it’s a meme for those who perceive themselves as outsiders looking in at society; whether they’re looking in with longing, judgement, or both. 

Lately, a classic Wojak meme has been regaining popularity that amps up that sense of feeling simultaneously superior to others and horribly alienated from them by referencing the familiar feeling of being alone at a party.

Why has the meme resurfaced now? It’s hard to say, though some are speculating that people have now been quarantined for so long that even people who hate parties are starting to miss parties.

After all you’d be the life of the party if people just knew better.