20 Posts From People Demanding Work Reform And Explaining Why It’s Necessary

Even before the pandemic shook up our notions of work and what is fair, people have been organizing and fighting for livable work conditions and work reform. Basically, everyone should have a right to fair wages, affordable healthcare, food, and shelter.

Unfortunately, we know this isn’t the case. It can be hard to find work — and keep work. And sometimes, jobs are exploitative and conduct abusive practices. There are lots of online communities dedicated to discussing work reform, and Reddit is one of the biggest.

The r/WorkReform movement is about fairness and equity in work as well as giving all workers necessities required to survive in this world. Among the subreddit’s goals are: supporting unionization, fighting for better compensation, getting better and fewer working hours, and supporting politicians that put workers’ rights at the forefront of their campaigns. And they have a great collection of supportive messages. C

1. Corporate Greed

2. Hamburgers

3. Student Loans

4. Stop Blaming Minorities

5. Tax The Rich

6. Wanting A Better Life For Everyone

7. French Revolution

8. Hire A Dog

9. Coercion

10. Grueling Work Week

11. Teachers’ Needs

12. Raise Minimum Wage

13. Oligarchy

14. Just Be Kind

15. Scarcity And Supercomputers

16. Taking Life Back

17. Know Your Worth

18. Extortion

19. Corporate Greed

20. Going On Strike

Featured Image: Reddit