y’all should never have given me that $1200 , y’all should never have given me that $1200 memes

“Y’all Should Never Have Given Me That $1,200” (15 Memes)

Since a pandemic has shut down businesses all across America with no end in sight, people are understandably worried about how they’re going to survive over the coming months. Some are protesting that they should be allowed to return to work and get a virus and die—or more importantly, people in low-paid service jobs should be forced to return to work and serve them, then possibly get sick and die. 

The government has taken action. For instance, Georgia is reopening just enough businesses this coming week to absolve their obligation to pay people unemployment. There was also a single stimulus check for $1,200 sent out to some people to help cover the cost of maybe half a month of living or a portion of rent. Many people haven’t actually seen this money, but Donald Trump swears he put it in the mail with his big signature on it.

Folks are upset and frustrated. When that happens, they do what they do best: make memes. This latest one is pretty easy to understand. People look up the most absurd things they could spend $1,200 on, post a picture of it, and caption it, “Y’all should never have given me that $1,200,” or some similar variation.

And you know what? It makes me laugh every time. Maybe because the pictures are all of things I wouldn’t have imagined in my wildest spending dreams, or maybe because it’s better than crying. You decide.