Woman Hilariously Puts Thrift Store On Blast For Outrageous Prices (14 Pics)

Thrift store shopping has become a real thing full of “vintage” shoppers. It’s so ridiculous that prices for secondhand items have increased like crazy. TikToker @MrsNiceGuy has called out the issue in a video.

She captioned the video  “I just can’t deal anymore” and says “Value Village just needs to be called out,” since they’re “getting out of control.” She shares their ripoff prices one by one in a green screen behind her.

Let’s check out the 14 pics the TikToker shared. All images via mrsniceguyy.

1. A used coffee maker for $30

2. Another $30 household good – a toaster

3. This is from a dollar store

4. A pricey picture frame

5. This is a ten dollar ??? thing.

6. Used, dirty, knockoff Toms

7. All T-shirts, ten bucks

8. Why is this twenty dollars?

9. Five bucks for a square glass jar

10. Wow! A sweet find, right? No. It’s 200 bucks. A new one is $400 but can be found on sale for less

11. Seven bucks for a photo book… they know we all have pics on our phones now, right?

12. It’s BROKEN and ten bucks

13. Ew, what IS this

14. Dirty, used trash can.