Airbnb Host Complains About Guests Who Flooded Their Apartment, But People In The Comments Are Less Than Sympathetic

Gone are the days when staying in an Airbnb was as simple as unlocking a door and settling in. Now, it’s more like deciphering an intricate puzzle of fees, rules, and expectations that seem to have taken a turn for the surreal.

As tales of exorbitant cleaning charges, house rules that rival a legal textbook, and hidden fees that pop up like digital Whac-A-Moles become commonplace, sympathy for Airbnb hosts seems to be dwindling faster than a Wi-Fi signal in a remote cabin.

That’s the case with this Airbnb host (@adzo365) who shared a now viral Tiktok of one of their rentals supposedly flooded on purpose by a guest.

But people in the comments weren’t so quick to side with this host.