People Are Sharing Dangerous Toys We Should Have Never Been Allowed To Play With As Kids

Kid’s toys used to be way more fun. Yeah, they were more dangerous, but what is more thrilling than having a quick brush with death before your after-school snack? Things have changed a lot since then and there are more regulations about how children’s toys are made. Hopefully, fewer Beyblades will be launching into children’s eyes soon. 

People are sharing the most dangerous toys they had growing up and I’m still trying to figure out if our parents were actually *trying* to kill us. 

1. Fake cigarettes. Classy. 

2. How does your brain still work? 

3. Creepy Crawlers were sick. 

4. About to mold my fingers into a crayon shape

5. No one thought twice about this one? 

6. Making a bunch of evil scientists

7. Safety nets are so dumb

8. They would launch across the room so fast. 

9. Old talking toys are so creepy. 

10. The slide of death

11. Pretty much all playgrounds were death traps

12. Some say these kids are still concussed

13. Huge squirt guns were so dangerous

14. Lawn darts can kill someone

15. Worried who was designing toys back then

16. Sell them with safety goggles, these were cool.

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