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People Are Sharing What The “Prettiest Girl” From High School Is Doing Now (20 Stories)

There’s already an addendum noting that these answers might actually be leaning more toward the most popular girl in your school, because we all know that pretty and popular don’t always go together.

With that in mind, let me share what someone I went to school with is up to: she dresses her kids in matching PJs for all holidays. And Instagrams it.

I feel like, um, I won?

Redditor u/mustichooseausernam3‘s thread asking women on Reddit, “Was the prettiest girl in your high school a kind person or a bully? What’s she up to today?” quickly went viral and we can see why: so many stories of comeuppance. Let’s take a read.

1. Doin’ awesome

I was in high school in the early 2000s, and I don’t remember who was considered “the prettiest girl”/most popular girl was. So I’m going to say it’s me.


2. See? Comeuppance

Bully, she is married to a cop, is deep in a multi level marketing scheme. Couldn’t have happened to a nicer person


3. Good stuff

She was a sweetheart and everybody loved her. Treated everybody with compassion & kindness. I think, she married some ultra rich guy. I just hope life treats her as well as she treated others.


4. Yay, this girl!

She was very kind with a friendly personality. She became a hairstylist and then actually switched to software engineering.


5. Yep, she was gay.

I was often taunted by the most popular female bully. I would be walking down the hall with my friends and she would yell “dykes!! Haha you’re gay! Lesbo’s” yet- she sat behind me in our home room and was always so weirdly nice. Someone suggested she was gay and had a crush on me. I shrugged it off. I was way more into partying than school anyway 🥲 So , I found her Facebook a few years back. She is married to a lovely looking woman, they have adopted children that call her (the bully) Dad.


6. Of course

Bully and now she’s an IG model.


7. Poor girl

She was making her way in modeling. She was kind of obnoxious, but a nice girl. She got a lot of attention from male teachers; which now i realize is fucken disgusting. hope she did ok through out high school and college. Wish her the best in her endeavors


8. Predictable

She was mean and a snob. She oh so typically went into nursing, is with some gym bro, and is in financial ruin. She’s having to sell her house that she plastered all over FB because she over leveraged and now the interest rates are catching up. The other girl from highschool is still at the same dead end job that she had in highschool, doing absolutely nothing with her life.


9. Not a bad girl

She was scary but not a bully, she was friends with everyone and a REALLY good student She became a lawyer, or something involving law.


10. She did well

She was prom queen and a cheerleader, then got a full scholarship to an ivy league school. Last I heard, she was in a surgical residency program. So, she’s doing great, and for what it’s worth, was never a bully.


11. Don’t peak

A stay at home mom of 3, miserable, alcoholic husband. That’s why peaking in high school is terrible.


12. Good stuff

my high school was tiny so i’m just gonna go with the prettiest person i knew. she was also the most popular person i knew and super friendly to everyone. she’s now a professional ballerina and seems to be married to a nice guy


13. She was so sweet

She’s doing well. I used to joke with her and say that I wanted to hate her because she was so pretty, but she was too kind and funny for anyone to hate. Now she’s esthetician and is still dating the guy she met senior year of high school.


14. Weird guys

She was very quiet and kinda childish by drawing and printing out lots of Monster High images on the school computers and drawing sailor moon stuff, no she was not a bully but she took the nastiest shit from every boy that was attracted to her and didn’t stood up for herself. Now I see on her Facebook that she’s still dating many different weird guys, but whatever, I can’t stop her.


15. She struggled

There were plenty of pretty and mean girls in my highschool. But the prettiest girl, in my eyes, was a sweetheart. We didnt run with the same crowd so I didnt know her outside of chemistry class. I found out recently that she was hospitalized for anorexia her senior year and struggles with relapsing. But is successfull in the other areas of her life as far as I can tell. I’ve struggle with binge eating disorder my whole life and feel kind of guilty for thinking she had the perfect body back then.


16. Didn’t go as planned

Kind of a loser. She was homecoming queen, befriended all us nerds, was really nice but would never eat lunch with anybody outside the popular crew, right? So not hatable.

At the reunion, though, she shows up as a failed personal trainer who moved to New York but had to move back. Talking shit about our hometown. Then she sat in some dude’s lap and loudly said they needed to pick up where they left off and honestly made everybody uncomfortable, including the dude who was like uhhhh. Then we take a big group pic and she does a full split in front of the picture. Like I get it. You were a fit cheerleader. And snaps on being able to get down on that. But we’re all turning 40. 🤣 Like, I dunno. I feel sorry for her. Life did not go as planned.


17. Yeah, seems right

She was a bully. Last time I looked her up on Facebook she was working as a waitress at Applebees and was dating some personal trainer/wannabe influencer so I’m not really sure how her life is going otherwise.


18. Small town

She was actually a good person but she was fake around others to gain popularity. I didn’t want to be friends with someone that was always competing with me and faking her way through high-school so we stopped talking senior year. In a way I feel bad for her, she thought she needed to be someone else to fit in. She lives in our small town still, does all the small town girl stuff and talks shit about me to my friends that I still have there.


19. Not so nice

She was a condescending and cliquish bully. She married a member of the basketball team who went pro outside of our country. They had three kids and quickly divorced. She had to start over (career, new location, etc.).


20. Yikes

The popular one, last I heard, ended up as a trophy wife to a considerably older outlaw motorcycle guy after failing at the real-estate game. He cheats on her and is generally a piece of shit. But she looks good on his arm and fills her up with blow so she seems happy. Early 30s looks 50s. She was an arsehole so meh.