High School Nostalgia That Might Make You Realize How Weird It All Was (30 Pics)

There are some things that happened in high school that we thought were completely normal that really, really weren’t. When you’re young, you don’t realize how serious some of the drama actually is, like that one teacher who got fired from your school or the girl who faked a whole pregnancy for attention. Times were weird but most likely everyone was too self absorbed to think about how crazy it all was. 

Here are some pieces of high school nostalgia that might make you full body cringe. 

1. We had to get there way too early

2. People totally overreacted to things

3. Teachers needing 30 extra seconds of attention

4. Girl I don’t know how to add anymore

5. Stabbing yourself with a mechanical pencil and the mark never leaving you

6. Putting on the stinkiest pinnies that reeked of stale sweat

7. This is true American culture

8. Doing a line of imagination 

9. Tons of bacteria on that bad boy

10. So much random crap in the toilets

11. I’m not kidding–so much random crap. 

12. People would just randomly dress up

13. The random outbursts

14. Walking to the lunchroom after with who used to be your best friend 

15. Someone won the “penis” game

16. Feeling like a legend getting another one stuck

17. If you think you’re cutting, good luck 

18. Could you do it on command or what? 

19. Taping everything to an object so we couldn’t steal it. Well, just made it harder.

20. The grossest combo 

21. People just doing this without explanation

22. Was this not a lie? 

23. I should have just left

24. Doing this everywhere you went 

25. One day I hope this nugget comes in handy

26. These were the OG chiropractors 

27. Actually, this might be me now

28. The poor math teacher

29. All of the cheapest fixes were around the building

30. And finally, everyone would take a bullet for Bill Nye.