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50 Parents Who Have Definitely Had Better Days Than Today

Kids don’t come with an instruction manual.

But even if they did, I’m not sure there’d be a “Troubleshooting” section that deals with the things parents have to deal with each day.

From crying over what color the floor is (when 5 minutes ago they were saying how much they loved the color of the floor) to covering your personal belongings in the least washable substances known to man, parenting is hectic and some days are just gonna be more hectic than others.

Days like these…

1. “Looked for him everywhere inside, then found him outside doing this…”

2. “Kids are having fun with friends so a neighbor reported to HOA that they must be running childcare.”

3. “My toddler and I walked to the park …… just to find that the whole playground has been removed :/”

4. Someone’s kid hung up the wet wipes to allow them to dry

5. My nephew wanted a portrait of George Washington. Thank goodness he didn’t want a portrait of Ben Franklin

6. My toddler squeezed a bottle of powdered creamer until it exploded in her face… now creamer is continuously draining out of her nose

7. Drove 45 mins to the store thinking I had my mask in my pocket. It was a baby sock.

8. There was a friggin gecko hiding in my son’s toy spider’s ass!

9. Had a sneezing attack (not sick) and my daughter made me a “potion” to feel better

10. “Wrangled all the seats put of the minivan, got 30 seconds into my vacuuming when suddenly it shuts off and a kid starts crying. Kid was fine btw.”

11. What my aunt encountered when she went to pour herself a whiskey on the rocks…

12. While the world is fighting over TP, my toddler is giving ours a bath.

13. Sorry dad, sister did it

14. My son said he was hot and wanted ice cream. This is not what I expected.

15. This kid at Lowes