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Dude Asks Mom Breastfeeding In Public To Cover Up, So She Maliciously Complies

Welcome to another case of Mind Your Business: Breastfeeding Edition.

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Photo byDave Clubb on Unsplash

Let this story be a lesson to anyone who is not the type to mind their business. The next time you’re thinking about not minding your business, remember this story and shut your mouth especially if you are about to make any comment about breastfeeding whatsoever.

I guess it would be okay to say something about someone else breastfeeding if you are also breastfeeding? But it would still have to be a conversation, not a direct order. Breastfeeding women get direct orders all the time, especially from strangers. What do they say?


In the year 2022, there are still people out here policing mothers’ bodies. A mom on vacation in Cabo San Lucas couldn’t get even get away from it. Melanie Dudley has gotten famous on Facebook for a photo of her response to a man telling her to “cover-up” as she was breastfeeding her baby.  The world loves a joker:

A friend’s daughter-in-law was told to “cover up” while feeding her baby, so she did!🤣 I’ve never met her, but I think…

Posted by Carol Lockwood on Monday, July 30, 2018

Fatherly reports that Dudley has a baby and four-year-old twins. That’s a lot of kids to manage, so when the baby needed feeding she got to work.

breastfeeding mom covers up head

“I was on vacation in Cabo San Lucas with my entire family and a man asked me to cover myself,” said Dudley. “I’m usually discreet, but we were seated in the back of the restaurant.”


Without thinking about it, she grabbed a baby blanket and threw it over her head, leaving her boob and the baby exposed. It’s kind of the perfect solution—she doesn’t have to see the man annoying her about her breast anymore and the baby gets to eat in comfort!

The picture has been shared over 200 thousand times and has thousands of comments.

Most people find Dudley pretty funny.

Others are accusing her of being thirsty for fame, which is funny because her face is covered.

The image was also initially posted by someone else who just wanted to shout out Dudley for her amazing attitude. 

It’s hard to imagine anyone who has a problem with public breastfeeding coming around on this issue in a Facebook fight, but Dudley will definitely serve as an inspiration to mothers everywhere who are fed up with people telling them how to care for their kids.

Just throw a blanket over your head and let the world’s criticisms fade away.