Girl Snitches On Her Dad’s GF For Not Buying Her A Starbucks Drink After She Bought Her Own Daughter One

It can take a while for blended families to get used to each other. In the meantime, there’s often fighting or misunderstandings. One 17 year old Redditor who lives with her dad, her dad’s girlfriend, and the girlfriend’s 13-year-old daughter. She’s trying her best, but the daughter is kind of whiny and spoiled and the two don’t totally get along. One day, her dad suggested the three of them go out for a “girl’s day” to celebrate the 13-year-old’s success on a math test. Except it turned into an outing where the OP felt slighted and hurt.

“I (17F) have been living with my dad (45M), his girlfriend of 2 years (33F), and her daughter (13F) for a couple of months now while my mom (40F) is visiting my sick grandfather in Sweden. I’ve only ever stayed at my dad’s on weekends so it’s been hard getting used to living with his gf and her kid full time. The kid is super whiny and pretty spoiled because gf dotes on her so I usually just stay in my room,” the OP writes.

“Today gf was taking her daughter on a ‘special outing’ because she passed a math test, and my dad suggested I go with them for a ‘girls day out.’ I wanted to say no but I knew that he wanted me to get to know his gf and gf’s daughter better so I agreed. He gave gf $300 to spend during the outing.”

“We spent the day going in and out of stores gf’s daughter liked in the mall complex. Gf ended up buying her a sh*t ton of clothes, makeup, and other stuff I don’t remember. On our way back home gf stopped at the Starbucks cause daughter wanted a drink and some cakepops. She ordered a drink for her and her daughter and 2 cake pops. I asked her if I could get something and she said she ran out of money and she’d ‘get me something next time.’ When they got their order I asked if I could have one of the cakepops and gf said that it was her daughter’s treat for hard work and it would be wrong for me to take one since ‘I didn’t do anything that deserved being rewarded.’

“I’m not gonna lie, I was pretty upset. When we got back home my dad saw their drinks and asked where mine was. I told him that ‘I wasn’t allowed to get one cause I don’t deserve it.’ His gf got upset and said I was twisting her words and the daughter just said I was being greedy and was jealous of her. I know I’m not entitled to a drink or a cakepop but I also don’t think it’s wrong to be a little annoyed. AITA?”

What do Redditors think?

“Oh sweetie, NTA, and I want you to know that you absolutely were entitled to a drink AND a cakepop or another treat of your choosing. Your dad gave her $300 that was meant to be spent on ALL THREE of you for the day out. Sure, her daughter may have earned SOMETHING special for her hard work at school, but from the sound of it he intended for you all to get treated a bit, and it’s disgusting that she would go to a coffee shop and get things for herself and her daughter and not for you. As someone older than your dad, even, I can tell you that his GF’s behaviour was super not okay, and NOT the way she should be treating her partner’s kid. NONE of my friends would ever treat their stepkids or partners’ kids that way in a million years!! I’m so sorry that happened to you, and I’m really glad you told your dad. She deserves to get yelled at,” explained


“OP I have to point out that your Dad got his wish; you got to know his GF and her daughter a whole lot better. If they wanted you to have good stories about them, they ought to have treated you with kindness. I hope your Dad is paying attention to the sort of people he’s living with. NTA,” said.


“NTA. GF is not a nice person. I am sorry she did that to you. For some reason she feels the need to keep you down to make herself and her daughter feel better. Please know this has nothing to do with you and says everything about her. If you ever have to go with her again, which I avoid at all costs, please ask your dad for your own money,” said


Redditors were eager to know if the OP’s dad addresses the situation, so the OP followed up:

“This happened 30 mins ago and before he said anything I just went up to my room. I’m hearing yelling from downstairs though. I love my dad a lot and he has always looked out for me so I don’t think he wouldn’t believe me.”

Good for Dad! Now let’s hope next time “the girls” take an outing, things are more equitable.

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