17 Kids Who Are Equal Parts Genius And Hilarious

Kids can be, let’s say, selectively genius. When they really want something? Oh, they’re little rocket scientists. Ask them to finish that math homework? “It’s so HARD, I don’t GET IT…”

Go figure, right?

Here’s a quick round up of kids who are all making the absolute most of their brilliance and making us all wonder: why can’t you be this smart ALL the time?

1. Milk tray

Instagram: @smarty_paints_nw

2. Probably not as cute as this picture is


3. Well… yes.


4. The truth hurts


5. Mom doesn’t like cake, so…

Instagram: @s.mendey

6. Subtle


7. Come back, Woody!

Instagram: @soul_mama04

8. Clever!

Instagram: @justin.d.wolff

9. Hilarious, Joey.


10. Didn’t want to leave a tooth under his pillow

Instagram: @its.miss.liss

11. I love this

12. Kid gets mad

13. Easter eggs

14. Renamed Netflix

15. Confidence is cool

16. Don’t steal, Santa.

17. Storage!