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21-Year-Old Wants To Set A Curfew For His Parents Bringing Him Dinner

There are some posts on Reddit that seem like they’re made up and then there are some like this one posted by u/Affectionate-Bid-787 that seem more like they’re missing the information needed to make them make sense. So they seem made up but aren’t. That’s my theory about this story called, “AITA for giving my parents a curfew?”

The story was removed from r/AmItheA–hole by the moderators, who said it violated Rule 8, which reads, “Posts should be truthful and reflect recent conflicts you’ve had that need arbitration. That means no sh-tposts, parodies, or satires.”

So why is everyone so skeptical of the tale?

It was reposted by u/JudgementalSyrup to r/ChoosingBeggars and reads:

Instead of coming home after work, my parents go out (they work together). This pisses me off because they try to stick me with the household stuff like cooking and cleaning. I told them if they are going out to eat then they should leave me money to order something or bring me back something to eat BEFORE 6PM.

I think it’s f-cked up that they go out for sushi and don’t bring any back and then expect me to cook and clean when they don’t have to. I told them they should start coming home BEFORE dinnertime.

EDIT: I’m 21 but it’s not like I have a car.


This brings up so many questions for me. Is he being held in the house against his will? Why aren’t there groceries ever? Why DON’T his parents bring him home food if this is a recurring problem?

Unfortunately, there aren’t that many answers from the OP that explain what’s going on, and what answers he does provide makes it seem like he doesn’t know how to slice bread and would rather ruin his parent’s lives than wash a plate:

The people who believe all of this to be true judged the OP to be an a–hole of course:

Bottom line, the OP can give his parents ” a curfew” if he wants, but if they can afford to buy sushi for dinner away from him, that’s money well spent.