Have Kids They Said, It’ll Be “Fun” They Said (35 Pics)

Ah, kids.

They do and say some darned weird stuff sometimes and it’s so hard not to either a) be totally shocked or b) dissolve into a fit of laughter.

I’m sure there’s some reward at the end of the kid rainbow (I’m childless so… I do not know it) but for now, check out some of the most ridiculous things kids have said and try not to have a small heart attack through it.

1. What a worthwhile way to spend 800000 hours because typing on this is murder


2. Totally tangled

3. Not cool!

Twitter: @nicoleacrowley

4. Poor kid


5. I know the feeling

6. What a weirdo!


7. Oh no, ghosts

Twitter: @laurabaileyvo

8. RUN– oh wait, nvm


9. Clever!


10. Major blow out

Twitter: @gregstone_

11. Waffles!

12. Thoughtful teaching moment

13. Zoom classes

14. Thanks, kid

15. Mystery solved!

16. Coke?

17. Brutal

18. Farts



21. Gotta go, ya gotta go!

22. Mouse butts

23. Awww

24. It’s an important question!

25. Big Jim

26. Riveting

27. Whiplash

28. Imagine

29. No thanks, hot dogs!

30. Ask a question…

31. This one is so gross

32. A mob boss in the making

33. Bye!

34. Kids are amazing

35. Wrong.