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Man Shares Harsh Message From Mom About Dating And Others Jump In (17 Tweets)

It’s that holiday season, which means interactions with family members we might try to avoid most of the year. Of course, with coronavirus, many of us are going to be separated (for the most part). That doesn’t mean family can’t still find a way to start some sh-t via text.

A Twitter user named Adem Waterman shared a screenshot of a conversation he had with his mother, which he captioned, “MUM MERRY CHRISTMAS TO YOU TOO.”

“Writing your Christmas card,” mum asks in the text. “Shall I put to just Adem or do you have a boyfriend yet?”

“No boyfriend,” Adem replied. “You can just put my name on it.”

“Okay will do,” mum comebacks. “Do you think it’s your personality or your looks?”

A stunned Adem texts, “Jesus Christ mum. It’s Christmas!”

Hmm, doesn’t really answer the question. Mum then points out, “Well your brothers and sisters have partners.” Then she signs off with an “X,” leaving his guts on the floor.

Brutal! A mom always knows how to cut you to the quick with just a few words, whether it’s in person or via Christmas card.

The tweet went quickly viral, so he’s not beating off potential boyfriends left and right in his DMs:

Hope that works out for him. Meanwhile, the replies are full of stories from people who have gotten all sorts of cutting comments from family about being single and so much more. It’s amazing how one sentence will stick in your mind, especially when it’s from your oblivious grandma. At least their pain can make us laugh: