Fed-Up Mother’s Rant About “Mommy Facebook Groups” Is Making The Rounds

We’ve all been in online groups that make us question on a daily basis WHY we stay. The posts are absurd, the people are insane, and yet we stick around because of the .01% of the time there may be something of value to us.

But not everyone suffers these groups in silence.

One mom has gone viral after sharing her frustrations with mom-themed Facebook groups on, well, Facebook.

“Why OH WHY do I insist on staying in mom groups on Facebook?!” she moans, before launching into an amazing rant against the types of posts apparently common in these types of groups.

mom groups, mom facebook groups

“‘Can I have sex 3 days after having a baby?'” she writes. “NO, TIFFANI WITH AN ‘I.’ You have a gaping wound in your uterus the size of a ding dang dinner plate and infection is not worth the 13 minutes of disappointment.”

The anonymous fed up mama also included a faux anecdote about a hypothetical mother asking if a burn on her son’s hand incurred after she left him unattended with a plugged-in hair straightener in order to watch a Selena Gomez music video looks infected.

“IT SURE DOES, AUBRYANNA. But hey, let’s wait a week before going to a hospital just in case it turns necrotic… that will be even better in the description for the gofundme I’m gonna see posted in this group for this very scenario.”

The post was eventually shared to a subreddit dedicated to “insane people on your social media feeds,” and everyone there just ate it up.

mom groups, mom facebook groups

mom groups, mom facebook groups

And many were empathetic, agreeing that she absolutely nailed what those mom groups are like. 

mom groups, mom facebook groups

It might take a village to raise a child, but it sounds like all the village idiots have migrated to Facebook mom groups. Obviously all information for bringing up baby should be gathered exclusively from TikTok instead.

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