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Mom’s Email Defending Son For Not Remembering Teacher’s Name Starts Debate On Twitter

There are very few things as frustrating as being micromanaged by parents as a teacher and over the last year, I think we’ve all realized just how rough our educators have it.

@Cold_Case_Love‘s child is enrolled in online school, which means that this Twitter user can sit there and hear every. little. thing. the instructor says.

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I know from personal experience how annoying it is to have to balance parental soft feelings with high expectations for a student; I’m a tutor and I’ve had this kind of thing happen to me!

The teacher replied and the mom called it “BS.”

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Talk about nitpicking—she whines about not being addressed by name.

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Here we go…

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Were you worried there wouldn’t be a threat? There is.

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Nope, she won’t let it slide. Thank god for this hero.

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So now this poor teacher has to respond AGAIN to this idiot taking up her time.

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Now she has to ponder. Okay, lady.

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There was some support from other Twitter users, who evidently do not understand that 7-year-olds can remember things like names.

@lilinkwell wrote, “‘a name to remember’ translation: fuck around & find out HES SEVEN!!!!!! and trying to learn virtually in a pandemic, how can a teacher be so unkind? love to Elijah” And @wuintessam_ penned, “Also, I appreciate this because we can ALL remember one teacher that made us feel dumb for asking when we didn’t understand something. Which made us not wanna ask them a question again, which now causes you to fall behind bc you aren’t comprehending.”

Or this gem from @BiggDaddyPancho, who learned nothing from the last 18 months of online school: “Teacher obviously ain’t doing good anyways, she ain’t tryin make no impact. I feel like all adults know a teacher from they childhood who actually cared and put effort in DECADES LATER! If a 7 y/o ain’t remembering your name, after months, you need to do better.”

Thankfully, voices of reason also chimed in.

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Like, yeah.

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Aren’t we all only human?