People React To Open Letter From An 85-Year-Old Widow About Her Childfree Experience

In today’s day and age, it’s not uncommon for people to choose to not have children. Unfortunately, people who choose to live child-free, particularly women, are met with criticism for their decision.

There’s a community on Reddit appropriately called “Childfree” where people go to discuss, share stories, and support each other in this decision.

An old letter from a woman who was married for 50 years resurfaced and we thought this was worth sharing.

Her husband passed away 10 years prior and she’s now living in a “rest home” and has zero regrets about not having children.

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She explains why she doesn’t regret choosing the childfree life in this letter to young people. Here’s what she had to say.

Letter from an 85-year widow: My childfree experience and a few humble opinions”


Her post went viral, receiving praise, gratitude, and questions from fellow childfree individuals.

Her letter resonated with commenters, many thanking her for writing this and reassuring them that the choice to live childfree can be a good one

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