Single Mom’s Rant About People Who Judge Her For Taking Her Daughter Grocery Shopping Goes Viral

A mom’s desperate plea to people who see her at the grocery store with her daughter is circulating again, maybe because people are reflecting on how far we’ve come since lockdown last year. Then, people didn’t really know how bad COVID-19 would be, and they also didn’t really know what they have to do to protect themselves from it. We have a better idea now, but at the time a lot of people felt very judged.

MaryAnn Fausey Resendez shared her story of having to go grocery shopping as a single mother, starting with a post of a piece of paper she was literally taping to her five-year-old daughter’s back.

“The sign I made her wear cuz i just know some dumbass will take a picture & talk sh-t on social media not knowing all the facts,” she captioned it.

The sign reads, “I am only 5 I can’t stay home alone so I have to buy groceries with Mommy… before you start judging stay back 6′ feet.”

MaryAnn Fausey Resendez/Facebook

In a way, this story is relevant again. Though vaccination rates are up, kids can’t be vaccinated. That means parents have to protect themselves and their children differently than they would otherwise, and remain more isolated. I’m sure there are a lot of parents who still feel judged about the choices they’re making now, especially single moms and dads who don’t necessarily have a lot of choice in the matter.

Resendez also shared her whole process for keeping everything sanitary, from donning gloves and masks:

MaryAnn Fausey Resendez/Facebook

To wiping down the cart:

MaryAnn Fausey Resendez/Facebook

Disposing of gloves and sanitizing hands:

MaryAnn Fausey Resendez/Facebook

And then wiping down all her groceries at home:

MaryAnn Fausey Resendez/Facebook

It’s a multi-step process:

You never know what someone’s full story is, even if it feels like you can tell from just a glance. That’s why the six foot rule is still a pretty good one to uphold—you won’t say anything stupid to anybody if you don’t get close enough to talk.