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Utterly Awful Stepparents Who Got Publicly Shamed In An Online Group (20 Pics)

One of my favorite stories (and the namesakes of my cats) has to do with one of the most “evil” stepmothers of all: Charlemagne’s son’s second wife.

She wound up exiling the firstborn, remonikering him to the public as “Pepin the Hunchback”, looping his inheritance into her own children’s pot, and basically kind of rode the wave of success. Genius, right? And there’s a damn good reason for her to protect her children’s interests: the second wife gets bupkis.

Thankfully, we’re beyond that now and inheritance law isn’t so strict. But we still have awful stepparents. Go figure.

Thanks to the r/insaneparents subreddit, we’ve found a ton of posts about how to never, ever treat the step kids in your life. I don’t think any of YOU need to take notes, but … hey, never know.

1. Had Half Day At School, Decided To Go Out With Friends. Asked Dad For Permission To Go Out He Said Yes But Didn’t Tell Stepmom, She Texted Me Pissed And Demanding I Come Home Now Even Though I Had Permission To Go


2. I’m In A Stepmoms Group On Fb And I’m Convinced That 90% Of These Women Hate Their Stepchildren. “Stay In Your Room, Do Not Approach Me”


3. Not Sure If This Qualifies, But About A Year Ago My Stepmother Used My Younger Sisters Phone To Ask Me For Money. No, I Did Not End Up Giving Money To My Stepmom For “Field Day”


4.  Was At My Dad’s For New Years Dog Got Spooked By Fireworks This Is How My Step Mum Dealt With It


5. I cannot believe people do this


6. Oh my GOD


7. My Brother Bought Girl Scout Cookies And This Was My Step Mom’s Response


8. My Friend Just Sent Me This. Her Stepmom Took Her Stepsister To Get Food Without Her, And Then When She Went To Go Get Food By Herself She Grounded Her


9. So My Step Dad Gave My PC That I Paid For To Goodwill. Because He Said I Waste My Time On It And I Should Be An Auto Mechanic Instead Of Going To College For Computer Science. I Spent Like $800 On That PC


10. I Need Some Help Calming Down Right Now, Please. My Dad Is Dying And My F**king Evil Stepmom Didn’t Tell Me That He’s Been In The Hospital For Two Weeks. Then She Blamed Me Not Telling Her Because I “Don’t Call Her Regularly”. I Don’t Call Her Regularly Because She Emotionally Abused Me For 9 Years


11. Poor kids


13. Ragetext!

14. Just walk

15. Uh, WHAT

16. Hahaha marital stress

17. Bad look for step mom

18. This is insane

19. Holy crap

20. Yikes, I hope this didn’t last.