Husband Accuses Wife Of “Stealing” After She Uses His Money To Replace Daughter’s iPhone He Broke As Punishment

I can acknowledge that parenting can be a test of patience. Kids can be very willful and downright rude and it’s hard sometimes to keep your cool and stay rational when they’re little jerks.

But that is nowhere near what this dad did.

Redditor u/throwRAhome434 asked Reddit for some insight after her husband broke her daughter’s phone and she used his cash to purchase a new one.

Why did he break it? Well, let’s read on…

My daughter is 16. She had her old phone for 5 years and always wanted a new phone, I’m the only one working right now since my husband decided to take “a break” from work after he inherited some money from his dad.

Money’s a little tight because dad isn’t working but the daughter got a phone as a reward for doing well in school. Dad didn’t chip in at all (gross).

I saw that she did pretty good at school despite having mental health issues that had gotten in the way of her focus before and so I decided to keep her encouraged and reward her by getting her an apple iPhone that cost a good sum of money. I did my best to save money to buy it, I literally skipped paying for breakfast at work to be able to afford it, and my husband didn’t want to help so I was on my own.

I bought her the iPhone and quite honestly, I haven’t seen her this happy in a while, it was refreshing for me because she really went through some hard time in the past couple of years emotionally and mentally.

So OP bought the phone and the daughter was thrilled. The dad, however, was not happy about it. He thought the new phone would distract the daughter and basically threw a small tantrum about it.

My husband wasn’t happy with this he said the iPhone will only distract her from school and chores but that wasn’t true, in fact it encouraged her to do more. But he still said I shouldn’t have spent that kind of money on an iPhone that she might be irresponsible with and break. My daughter picked up on his attitude towards the iPhone but I told her to ignore him.

And then OP found out that he broke the phone because his daughter didn’t listen to him while she was on her phone. OP went and took cash from Dad’s account to pay for a new one and the dad LOST HIS BRAIN.

Days ago, I found out that he broke the iPhone, I asked why and he said he asked her to get him something from the toolbox in the garage but she was on the iPhone and ignored him. He used this incident as evidence that the iPhone was bad influence but I yelled at him and demanded he replace it, he said he wouldn’t so I took money out of his account and paid for a new iPhone and gave it to my daughter. He saw what I did and went off on me calling me vicious and awful and accused me of stealing his father’s money and demanded the money I took, every single penny back.

So now OP has her in-laws on her, the husband’s acting like a child, and she’s wondering is she’s an asshole.

I basically told him it won’t happen, he got his mother on me saying I’m setting a terrible example for my daughter by getting her a phone paid for with money that I stole from her dad. My husband said he won’t speak a word to me til I fix this but I already said I owe him nothing.

aita for this?

ETA: No, he’s her biological father, not stepdad. And price for the iPhone where I live is a thousand dollars and its not cheap. Finding out that I took a thousand dollars out of his inheritance really got him so furious that he said I was the worst woman he met in his life (he had 2 ex wifes if this is in any way relevant) he took it back later then said he won’t speak til the money is back.

The answer is obviously no, girl, you are not an asshole, jeez.