Young Mother Sets 13 ‘Controversial’ Parenting Rules For Herself And Her Daughter

Becoming a mother is a journey that transforms your life in countless ways. But in the modern world, where expectations and challenges abound, being a young mother can feel like navigating uncharted territory. From sleepless nights to balancing responsibilities, every step comes with a new lesson and a fresh perspective.

Recently, one young mother shared her 13 “controversial” parenting rules for her and her daughter.

“No sleepovers, nope, not even with family members”

“She will never be left alone with a male. I don’t care if you’re the grandpa, the uncle, or the cousin.”

“I won’t treat my daughter differently than I treat my son. For instance, like me letting my son go out late, but not my daughter, because it’s too dangerous for a woman. I’m just going to treat them both the same.”

“Secrets will not be kept from your parents”

“And if you’re one of those people now saying ‘I’ll give you candy when your mom’s not here, just don’t tell her,’ that’s the quickest way to never see us again.”

“She doesn’t have to kiss you, hug you, sit on your lap or anything else just because you asked her to and because you’re a relative and haven’t seen her in a long time. She doesn’t have to respect you, if you don’t also respect her as a child. ”

“As a child, she still will have opinions, emotions, and she’s allowed to feel a certain way”

“We will take mental health days when needed and she’s allowed to express herself and learn to regulate her emotions.”

“We’re not going to do a public school system that makes you sit at a desk for eight hours and not learn anything you really care about.”

“We will always use holistic methods before we resort to Western medicine”

“I’m teaching her to stand up for herself, set boundaries and say ‘no’.”

“I’m not going to force her to share or force her to finish her plate of food.”

“I won’t ever talk poorly about myself in front of her and I won’t make comments about her appearance or her body image”

“I’m teaching her she can always come to me and never have to hide anything. As a mom, I’m not always right. And I make mistakes and I’ll own up to it and apologize.”

“Nothing will ever be just because I said so”

“I’ll have legitimate reasons we’re choosing to travel with her. Even when it’s hard as an infant and a toddler. It’s worth making all the memories and experiences with our family.”

“We already started saying daily affirmations together. I want her to know her worth and not ever look to others for validation.”

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