7-Year-Old’s Depressing Poem About Zoom School Goes Viral

We’re coming up on a year of only seeing each other through screens. This is great for Zoom investors, but not for students, parents, and teachers.

One student shared the Zoom doom and gloom via a poem and his babysitter shared the piece of art on Twitter.

The handwriting reads:

“Boring online school

Today is just another day

in a long line of days

staring at a dumb screen

Just booring booring

online school that’s the

only thing that did happen

it’s the only thing that is

happening that’s the only

thing that will happen”

The poem was part of a class assignment and has many people concerned about what Zoom is doing to the children.

But we must not pass over the student’s prolific writing. That’s the real star here.

Some people shared notes their kids wrote that have a similar energy.

Point being: This poem should be displayed at the Whitney and everyone knows it.