20 Pictures That Show Just How Atrocious The American Healthcare System Is

Healthcare is a right — I will die on this hill. The fact that companies are profiting on our health is disgusting. And unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know just how labyrinthine and malicious the American healthcare system can be.

I’ve compiled photographic evidence of such and am steamed to even have to share this with you.

1. US Healthcare. This is what $17,000 look like… Insurance refusing next one because I’m “over limit”


2. Birth bill


3. Another standard birth

4. Charge pillows


5. 20 Years of savings gone


6. Twins


7. Denied a heart transplant


8. Legs repossessed


9. Holding their own kid

10. Holy crap

11. Twins again

12. Billing summary

13. They harvested the organs

14. Kid CRIED

15. Keep prices high

16. It’s so expensive

17. A broken leg

18. Don’t ever visit the ER

19. Three hour visit

20. Christ.