These Nightmare COVID-Related Etsy Gifts Are a Glimpse Into Pandemic Psyche

Twitter user @KelgoreTrout has been spending as much time on Etsy as everyone else during the pandemic, which is to say way too much.

Etsy is one of the weirdest product platforms on the Internet, in my opinion, because it’s a mix of major companies pretending to be cutesy sellers and actually cutesy sellers who have no major company awareness about what they’re making. The eclectic mix of products can give you whiplash.

I don’t know why @KelgoreTrout was shopping on Etsy, I assume they were trying to find a mask and came across this mask for “singers” that looks like a feedbag for a carriage horse.

They posted it without comment, but it quickly turned into a “WTF Etsy Thread.”

The stuff they found on Etsy is a real glimpse into the dark mind of the Etsy craftsperson during this pandemic. Every angle they could take, they took. Everything they could shape like a COVID-virus molecule, they did. Every stone has been turned, and underneath that stone is a weird toddler onesie with a coronavirus pun on it.

Dive deep into the WTF COVID-19 world of Etsy: