People Are Sharing How Much The Family Genes “Hit Copy And Paste” (31 Pics)

Genetics are very interesting because a lot of their effects aren’t really visible. We don’t always know all the ways we are like or unlike our other family members, unless specific health issues come up. The other option for feeling that kind of measurable genetic connection is when you literally look like a tiny clone of someone else on the family tree.

That’s what happened to Twitter user @contrashelby, who shared a picture of herself dressed and styled in a sort of retro picture of her grandmother in a similar outfit. They are straight twinsies:

“Grandma’s genes really hit copy n paste huh,” she wrote.

Shelby isn’t the only person who gets to see another family member’s face looking back at them through the mirror. Tons of people jumped in to share photos of themselves with their copy and paste soulmate. Sometimes it was their grandma, sometimes it was a (not actual twin) sister, sometimes a granddaughter looked a whole like like a grandpop. You never know these genetic lotteries are gonna play out. But getting to carry some of your heritage with you, especially when you were close to that person, really feels like a win.