29 “Horror Scenes” That Just Turned Out To Be Harmless Optical Illusions

Since our eyes capture information faster than ours brain can process it optical illusions are a common fact of life. And some optical illusions can be downright scary. Whether it’s a phantom snake that turns out to be a belt or some random body horror that turns out to be benign, we’ve all gasped upon seeing something that initially appeared shocking before we understood what we were looking at. It can feel like a mild heart attack.

Here are some photos where an innocent scene created a scary optical illusion that shocked someone to their core. 

1. “Housemate was drying his fishing waders. Almost had to add the pants I was wearing to the laundry pile I was carrying after I opened the door”

2. “My dog its trying to scare the shit out of me”

3. “Wife left the gloves to dry, I almost had a heart attack”

4. “Wife has fallen asleep beneath the paper. This freaked me out for a second.”

5. “The snail in our office fish tank freaked me out today”

6. “Cat gave me a scare this morning” (It’s paprika)

7. “Emergency light in the hallway scared the hell out of me earlier. Meet the new source of my nightmares…”

8. “Sunset reflection looks like demonic uprising”

9. “Long dog with a section missing”

10. “Sister just freaked out, she thought someone was in her flat. It was just some clothes hanging up in front of the window.”