Well, You Don’t See That Everyday (35 Pics)

Ever since the internet exploded everyone thinks they’ve seen it all.

One-click and all of the world’s information is yours. It’s actually kind of baffling that there are still so many idiots among us.

Anyway, my point is: there’s still so much out there you don’t know about, and that is very exciting.

1. The local nursing home is an indoor town. There’s a movie theater and pub!

2. This cat I met today has Sauron’s eyes.

3. This is a music typewriter: how music was typed before computers.

4. Saw a snail today while I was outside and its shell is crystal clear.

5. This purely golden bee landed on my car today.

6. My friends Blind Cat Soren has amazing eyes.

7. This little transparent guy landed on me in the Ecuadorian Amazon.

8. My neighbor’s house encased in ice after the recent blizzard in Ohio (on shore of Lake Erie)

9. Tulips blooming in the snow.

10. Assisted Living Facility made to look like a small 1940s American town.