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33 Schools That Seem Designed To Torture Kids Into Submission

Schools can be wonderful places of growth and opportunity or they can be horrible, soulless institutions where we spend our most awkward years pivoting between fear and shame. Either way! Generally schools are built to be functional, multi-purpose spaces but they can suffer from poor planning the same as any place. These school design fails can lead to everything from some utterly confusing signs to truly hellish hallways. Luckily for us, the long-suffering students of these institutions all have smartphones and are more than happy to shame their schools for their glaring flaws.

Here are a handful of examples of school design fails so bad students woke up and paid attention long enough to roast them. 


The absolute crap design of my school. This is the place where every hallway intersects from CrappyDesign


BOOK Don’t By JUDGE It’s A COVER at my high school from CrappyDesign


My school from CrappyDesign


There are several of these at my school and I am unlucky enough to be right in the corner from CrappyDesign


These trash cans at my school from CrappyDesign


My high school’s end zone for over 90 years. from CrappyDesign


Sign at my school from CrappyDesign


Cover at my school that is the perfect size to not cover the benches. from CrappyDesign


nice one, school from CrappyDesign


School bus? More like BuS sChOoL! from CrappyDesign

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