People Are Roasting Target’s Weird Old-Timey Dresses By Hilarious Taking Photos (20 Pics)

Nothing like a peasant dress, am I right?

Over the last year, these weirdly old-timey-costume-style things have really taken the nation by storm and I can’t help but think they look exactly like my costume for Calamity Jane. Or like something that fell out of Red Dead Redemption.

And other people agree! Check out the #TargetDressChallenge, in which people take old-fashioned farmer-style pics while wearing the goofy dresses.

1. Gotta kill a goose

Erin Kellar Stewart

2. An old fashioned photo moment

Fruition Acres

3. The socks slay

Danielle Elizabeth Photography

4. And a chicken!

Bre Bogert Photography

5. Just a prairie kid and her pet

Melissa Tomas

6. Haunting

Michaela Orme

7. True Americana

Cheri Lawrence Grovesteen

8. Yep, Red Dead

Jay Durham

9. Where are all these chickens coming from?

Carol Nall

10. Amazing.

Melissa Tomas

11. Truth.


12. Just another day on the homestead

Journal entry 324: another day in the life on the homestead while on lockdown. Made myself a new apron and a bonnet….

Posted by Sayda Shanik on Monday, February 8, 2021

13. Loggin

Loggin' – got plenty of firewood to last through the winter

Posted by Fruition Acres on Thursday, February 4, 2021

14. Careful!

15. A snow day

Sometimes you just need a snowy day, a good friend to agree to shenanigans and partake in a good #targetdresschallenge Blühen Acres Flowers

Posted by Brown Photography on Sunday, February 7, 2021

16. Getting in with the cow

17. They come in baby sizes

18. Kissin pigs

Quarantine day 329: Pa said if this winter holds out much longer he’ll need to butcher the hog… I don’t reckon I’m…

Posted by Corrie Bubbico on Friday, February 5, 2021

19. The shoes!!!

Thomas Henrich

20. A real chicken

Andy Fell