20 Toxic Teachers Who Might Wanna Consider Retirement

I run a private tutoring company and let me tell you: I truly do emphasize with teachers and teacher burn out. The job is nigh impossible and there are people flinging issues at you from all angles.

That said, I’ve also seen some really nightmarish teachers out there (LOOKIN AT YOU, PE TEACHER WHO WANTED KIDS DOING 9000 ASSIGNMENTS DURING LOCKDOWN) and there is definitely room for improvement with all of these 20 teachers in this list.

1. Fluffed

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2. Can’t see, move back!

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3. Cops

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4. Teacher punished the wrong kid

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5. What!?

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6. Paying bills

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7. Hearing aid

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8. Oops?

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9. Plagiarism

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10. Cancer

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11. WT actual F, Teacher?

12. How cruel

13. Her dad DIED

14. I mean, just pay these people more

15. The EFFORT tho

16. Handwriting … shouldn’t matter this much

17. Comparing siblings

18. Math teachers who aren’t flexible are the worst

19. Jeans


20. Water