Vintage Halloween Costumes Are The Creepiest Halloween Costumes (35 Pics)

With Halloween upon us and everyone getting their costumes out, there are a few things on our minds—candy, parties, and horror. To add to the spooky vibes, why not visit some of the most traumatizing vintage Halloween costumes of the holiday’s past? For some reason, everything was scarier back in the day and these vintage Halloween costumes are truly chilling.

1. What is even happening here?

2. Mom, this is terrifying. 

vintage halloween costumes

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3. Nope, just nope.

4. …What animal is this even?

5. Grandma, stop.

6. I’m shook.

7. This is just strange.

8. SMH.

9. Who are you supposed to be?

10. Just a giant, ugly baby.

vintage halloween costumes


11. Why the masks?

vintage halloween costumes


12. Nope.

vintage halloween costumes


13. Terrifying.


14. Normal, until…the face. 


15. I hate this.