Artist Uses AI To Show Us What Famous Historical Figures Would Look Like In Modern Times

The sands of time have a way of obscuring the faces of history’s most prominent figures, leaving us to imagine their appearances through faded portraits and written descriptions. But what if we could bring these iconic figures into the modern era?

Thanks to the marvels of technology and the creative ingenuity of artist “Hidreley,” we can now catch a glimpse of historical giants as they might appear in today’s world. Using AI, we can now see them all.

1. Vincent Van Gogh

2. Alexander The Great

3. Anne Of Cleves

4. Napoleon Bonaparte

5. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

6. Julius Caesar

7. Marcus Aurelius

8. Henry VIII

9. Sandro Botticelli

10. George Washington

11. William Shakespeare

12. Rembrandt

13. Caesar Augustus

14. Marie Antoinette

15. Queen Nefertiti

16. Mona Lisa

17. Caligula

18. Catherine The Great

19. Queen Elizabeth I

20. Mary Tudor

21. Da Vinci’s “Salvador Mundi”