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Ain’t No Laws When You’re Wearing One of These 19 White Claw Halloween Costumes

In 2018, White Claw cashed in on its own craze with an official Clawstume Halloween costume. But the Internet can do better. And it did! Here’s proof in the form of a bunch of people dressed up in White Claw Halloween costumes.

As much as we thought 2019 was the peak of Clawsomeness, turns out the stuff is still having its moment. Why, it was just weeks ago we were talking about White Claw cakes and White Claw slushies. Now that it’s Halloween,  how better to capitalize on a trend than by investing in its parent company? Or you could wear it as a Halloween costume, we guess.


19 White Claw Halloween Costumes

1. White Claw Couples Costume

We’re a big fan of the see-through fanny pack that can fit two cans of White Claws comfortably, or two bottles of wine uncomfortably.

White Claw Halloween Costume - Spacey duo


2. White Claw Fiend

Maybe there are some laws if you’re drinking Claws in international waters.

White Claw Halloween Costume - White Claw Friend
Photo credit: @waiting4tomoro


3. Captain White Claw

We estimate it took him at least three or four six-packs to complete the outfit, and another two for the liquid courage to go out in public.


4. White Claw Queen

This takes the these are all cakes meme to a whole new dimension.

White Claw Halloween Costume - Makeup White Claw Hard Seltzer
Photo credit: @mcdrew


5. White Claw Trio

Silver shorts, fishnets, crop tops, and hopes and prayers that it’s the temperature is above 50°.

White Claw Halloween Costume - Silver shorts and White Claw Tees
Photo credit: @madisonelis


6. Natural Lime Costume

How did she get the makeup so perfect? And how did she get the label on the can to appear backwards? Just more of the universe we’ll never understand.


7. White Claw Dog Costume

He’s our official emotional support animal… but only when he’s carrying White Claws. For more great dog Halloween costumes, check out these.

White Claw Halloween Costume - Mango White Claw Dog Jacket
Photo credit: @han.the.corgi


8. Homemade White Claw Costumes

Her nails match her can! But not the one she’s wearing because we all know that would be overdoing it.

White Claw Halloween Costume - White Clare Can Outfit
Photo credit: @happyplanty


9. There Are Apparently Some Laws

Every homemade White Claw costume is basically a testament to how much free time people have on their hands. Other people.


10. White Claw Fairy

The perfect get-ups for handing out booze – or boos, as we call them on Halloween. Yes, this makes for a lot of repeating ourselves.


11. Full-Size White Claw Costumes

We had no idea White Claw cans could be this big or that morning radio DJs still existed.



12. White Claw Gone Wrong

Warning: Do not insert White Claw directly into eye. We always forget that important direction!

White Claw Halloween Costume - Scary Zombie Makeup White Claw Bottle In Eye
Photo credit: @tayloreslermua


13. 80s White Claw Costume

Did you know that if you drink enough White Claw, you can time travel? Try it on Halloween — you might find yourself in a whole ‘nother month! (November, that month is November.)

White Claw Halloween Costume - White Claw Leotard
Photo credit: @missv1989


14. White Paws Costumes

Turns out these two were the only ones protected from the government reading their thoughts. Which reminds us, we need to make some new tinfoil hats!



15. Handmade White Claw Halloween Costume

This costume is handmade, guys! No pants required, but strongly encouraged. October can be nippy!

White Claw Halloween Costume - Full length white claw can costume
Photo credit: @jordikitty


16. DIY White Claw Costume

There are instructions for this amazing outfit, but we quit at “Flip your trash can upside down” as it resulted in a full-on mess that took us forever to clean up.



17. Natural Lime Accident

The cool thing about this is you can just do a different flavor every year and you’re set for at least, what – eight years? Please tell us, we only how to count up to four.

White Claw Halloween Costume - Green scary zombie
Photo credit: @ambernicole131


18. Variety Pack Costume

Technically more of a group outfit than a White Claw costume, so save this one for next year.

White Claw Halloween Costume - Silver shorts and white claw tees
Photo credit: @olivia.randolph


19. White Claw Outlaw

This has inspired us to replace the acid in our Super Soakers with White Claw. Is it ironic that White Claw is getting us to reform our lawless ways? Or is that not how irony works? GODDAMN YOU ALANIS!

White Claw Halloween Costume - White Claw Cowgirl
Photo credit: Becawww