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People Really Think This Trump Supporting Looter Is Named “Via Getty”

Last Wednesday held few positives. It was an awful day of watching people swarm and then break into the Capitol building, threatening the lives and safety of Congress because they don’t like that their leader Donald Trump lost.

It was embarrassing to watch them roam the halls, destroy stuff, and basically get away with stuff no one else would, because some of the Capitol Police seemed to be on their side. Trump has a lot of cop support.

Of the photos that went viral, one was particularly absurd. It showed a smiling man, carrying a lectern (mislabeled by many as a podium) with a golden seal of the Speaker of the House of Representatives on it. He’s not wearing a mask, but he is gleefully waving and smiling at the camera like he’s having the time of his life, which he probably is.

Reporter Ryan Lizza shared the photo on Twitter, and attributed it to where he found it—on Getty Photos—by writing “Via Getty” which immediately caused some confusion.

Twitter user @Rachael_Conrad started screenshotting tweets of people expressing rage over this arrogant thievery, because they were full of people thinking this man’s name is Via Getty.

“Absolutely losing it over the fact folks think this a–hole’s name is ‘Via Getty,'” she wrote.


The phenomenon was one of the few things making people laugh after everything that has happened. The jokes about a man named Via Getty quickly took off. Meanwhile, the Miami Herald‘s reports the man’s actual name is Adam Christian Johnson, of Florida. Of course.