27 Hotels That Aren’t Much Better Than Just Sleeping On The Street

Hotels can be places of great serenity, where you pay to have everything taken care of so you can truly relax in comfort: A home away from home.

They can also be cesspools of human negligence and turn your stay into an itchy, sleepless nightmare. As such the internet is full of stories (and pictures) of some terrible hotels that went below and beyond in their failure to treat their paying guests with basic humanity. Unsurprisingly many of the worst offenses are bathroom-related and all the worst aspects of humanity are on display: From poor planning to god awful hygiene 

You may need to shower after perusing these truly terrible hotel fails, which range from mold and mushrooms, to stains and bugs, along with a disconcerting number of electrical outlets installed inside showers. 

To be safe you should probably just never leave home again.

1. Cool.


2. Some extra bedmates


3. Carpet mushrooms


4. …Coffee mushrooms


5. Guess somebody got dragged


6. So fresh and so clean


7. Looks like a workout just getting inside


8. So close, yet so far


9. Dil-Don’t


10. Too close for comfort