20 Non-Medical, Non-Sucky Face Masks You Can Buy Online

11. This Pikachu mask will make you feel like you’re a happy 14-year-old nerd again and not a frightened, adult nerd.

Get it from Etsy as soon as they’re back in stock.

12. Flowers are classic, you can’t go wrong with flowers.

Get it on LookHuman for $18.99.

13. Put your problems into perspective with this cosmic mask and relax knowing we’re just specks of dust on a speck of dust.

Get it on LookHuman for $18.99.

14. This one may be too cute but you be the judge.

Get it on LookHuman for $18.99.

15. This cute/ingenious face mask has a pocket for inserting a disposable filter.

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Available on Etsy.

16. For those who wish to keep things cute but understated in this serious time.

Get it on Zazzle for $12.95.

17. If these designs aren’t doing it for you you can upload your own art or photograph and design your own mask, Michelangelo.

Make it on Zazzle for $12.95.

18. If you’ve always wanted your face to look like a mermaid tail this face mask is probably your best shot (outside of a costly surgery).

Get it on Zazzle for $12.95.

19. Cover your face with cute Disney characters who look just different enough to avoid copyright issues.

Get it on Etsy for $10.33.

20. Finally, what better way to fight the forces of darkness and depression than with RAINBOW SHARKS!?


Get it on LookHuman for $18.99.