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People Are Sharing The Most Bonkers Old Phone Designs And The Early 2000s Were Wild (20 Pics)

Can you even believe that these are real?

Phones of the early aughts were clunky, floppy, odd affairs and since the dawn of the smartphone we’ve moved further and further away from heir design. But there’s something fun about look at these old bricks we used to think were SO COOL.

So we rounded up 20 of the craziest phone designs of yore.

1. Twisty

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2. So weird looking

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3. Flip!

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4. See through phones

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5. Candy bars

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6. Legit thought one was a Tamogatchi

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7. Sidekicks

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8. What in the world?

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9. Insanity

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11. Looks, um. Yeah.

12. Phones were so weird

13. Classic flip

14. The CURVES

15. What on earth

16. Kickstands!

17. Ah, Nokia

18. Murder phone

19. Dads

20. So round