Some Life Hacks That Range From “Genius” To “Definitely Questionable” (25 Pics)

If you are looking for life hacks, you are in the right place! The best thing about the internet is when people share little things that made their lives better in order to help other people. Well, that and of course seeing brutal self-owns. These life cheat codes are all pretty helpful and honestly, a few look a little dangerous. If any of these cause you problems, please know that no one at Ruin My Week checks their work email, so you’re kinda on your own.

1. Nice little tip for installing a zip line.

2. Dominoes saw this and doesn’t give out Red Pepper now. 

3. Leave a comment if this explodes glass into your eyes.

4. Nice little tip for serial killers.

5. City budget cut idea:

6. Getting away from using a Natty Light can I see.

7. I leave the shower caps on all the time now.

8. How close I am to losing it.

9. What in the Harbor Freight clamp is this?

10. (Ruin My Week is not responsible for house fires)

11. How French of you.

12. Wrap me in foil and cook me in the sun. 

13. There are 100% flies in that wine glass.

14. Honestly crunchy shells can go to hell. 

15. Hear me out: toaster oven. 

16. Life hack to turn a lamp into a different lamp.

17. Mmmm coffee noodles.

18. Bro just hold it.

19. Also: pizza rolls.

20. Please pump for me too. 

21. Only teensy shocks, no biggie. 

22. Slam on your breaks. 

23. See also: spend $1 on new flip flops.

24. Also great lonely people holders.

25. Tip: Remove the baby first.

Hannah Riley

Hannah Riley a comedy writer and content editor with ADHD living in Seattle, Washington.