This College Student Made A Stranger Switch Pants With Him So He Wouldn’t Be Late To Class

College is a stressful and random time for everyone.

For one University of Illinois student, a complete stranger’s willingness to swap pants helped him overcome at least the stressful side of things, though the encounter could not be more random.

Twitter user Chris Royer recently shared the story of one of his bros —Jake Wolf, 19 — that defines the sheer desperation most college students go through trying to pass classes.

Wolf is a chemistry major and frequently takes lab classes for his degree. Asany college student who has ever taken a lab class knows—there are dress codes and regulations put in place for safety. One of the biggest rules for lab safety is no shorts—just in case you spill a chemical on yourself and stuff. One day, the weather was so nice, Wolf decided to break out his shorts. But, he totally forgot that he couldn’t wear shorts in his lab class.

But, Wolf’s class was at 8:00 in the morning and it was already 7:58 when he realized he was totally screwed. He told BuzzFeed:

“I panicked. I was like, how am I going to do this? If you miss a lab you’re basically guaranteed to drop a letter grade.”

What is one to do? Obviously, stop and ask a random stranger on the street to trade pants with you.

Wolf said he was running by the businessschool, panicking, and asked a random student to trade pants with him.

“I was like, ‘You need to trust me. We need to go to the bathroom and change. I really need your help on this one.”

The student, Sam Brown, was taken aback by the fact that some random dude was asking him for his sweatpants. Brown said:

At the time I was just kind of shocked. And he explained again how he needed this because it would affect his grade. Then I felt like I should probably help this guy out.

The two ducked into a bathroom and traded their pants—and, Wolf made it to class on time. Wolf was in such a panic, he didn’t even take down Sam’s name but instead, added him to his phone as “pants.” Wolf did take time out to text Brown back after class thanking him, and asking to repay him.


Wolf says he met up with Brown after class and the two switched pants back—Wolf even threw a $20 in the pocket to say thank you. And, he said he truly appreciates Brown because if someone asked him to switch pants, he’d probably say no.

“I know if a stranger came up to me and asked me to switch pants, I’d say no. I can’t believe he did that for me.”

But, Brown became a hometown hero to all college bros because he truly came through clutch.

Brown even admitted he did savea life.

Wolf’s mom was even proud of her son—shouting him out on Twitter (also, the fact that his mom has a Twitter is beautiful).

h/t: BuzzFeed.