This Guy’s Horrifying Story About His Cousin’s Sugar Daddy Has A Game-Of-Thrones-Style Twist

Girls always joke on social media about having a “sugar daddy.”

If you’re unaware, a sugar daddy is an older guy who seeks “companionship” from a younger woman in exchange for money, clothes, cars, etc. Sometimes it’s just companionship, other times it’s…other stuff.

But, there are plenty of “sugar babies” who are perfectly happy going to dinners, events and other outings with older men in exchange for a nice gift/payment. More power to you, ladies, you get yours.

While it can be a great situation for all parties involved, sometimes it ends badly for everyone. One Twitter user, @JayAFoolBro told the story of his cousin and her sugar daddy and – the ending…well…just take a look.

It all started out pretty normal…

But clearly, this guy is a savage.

Right on.