Woman Who Clogged A Colonic Machine Gets Gently But Brutally Owned In Owner’s Yelp Review Response

If you’re going to go for a colonic and pay for it, you want to get everything cleaned out.

I mean, not just a little bit, I mean everything.

Tyler McCall recently discovered a hilarious Yelp review from one woman who, apparently paid a lot of money and expected her entire system to be cleansed, but, her appointment was cut short due to the fact that she “clogged” the machine. McCall read the original complaint on Yelp that read:


But, after seeing the complaint, the owner of the colonics place totally owned her in the most polite and brutal way possible. McCall said it was hilarious—and, she had to share with the world because it truly is.

I can’t stop laughing. Not only was he overly honest with the woman about how long it took her to literally clog a machine, but he was passive aggressive saying “that’s amazing for you!” I’m crying—who clogs an entire colonic machine? How much does this woman poop?!?

People on Twitter could not stop laughing at how hilarious the situation was and how amazing the owner’s response is.




This is easily the best Yelp response to a complaint we have ever seen and, to the owner of this colonics spot—we applaud you.

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