People Are Sharing Their Most Controversial Wedding Stories And Asking If They’re The Bad Guy Here (15 Stories)

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it again: weddings turn people crazy and horrible and nothing makes people worse this goofy industry designed to prey on insecurities.

So it comes as absolutely no surprise to me that there are SO MANY wedding stories over on r/AmIthe*sshole.

We scooped up some of the best tales and compiled them all into this list for you so you can see just how bonkers weddings make everyone involved.

1. Boyfriend isn’t allowed

I shall try and keep this short, though I have a tendency to ramble and add more than necessary info so I apologize ahead of time. Also, I’m on mobile. Anyway, I’m supposed to be getting married early October 2022. It’s not gonna be a big wedding or anything, but me and my fiance both have friends that we dont want to leave out.

I have this friend (Amanda). We have known each other since highschool, and we arent incredibly close by any means but we are still somewhat good friends and hang out regularly and I would like her to be there. The problem is, I just recently found out who she is now dating and she wants to bring him as her plus one.

My sister (Lily) and her ex (Steve) broke up about 10 months ago, because she found out he was cheating. She was heartbroken, and I know along with that pain she still has a lot of resentment for him and doesnt even like hearing his name. He was a sh*t boyfriend so my family has no problem with him no longer being in our lives.

8 months ago, Amanda told me she had started talking to someone and she really liked him and everything. She wouldnt tell me who, not even his name, because she said she didnt wanna share anything about him till it got more serious. I didnt really understand the secrecy, but didnt force her to tell me anything and just let her know I was happy for her and hope it all worked out.

Well last week, she told me she was dating Steve. They had gotten more serious and she wanted to make their relationship public to the people they care about. She also said she knew how much I disliked him and what he had done to my sister, and hoped I would try to understand their love and be happy for her and try to see him in a different light. I was a little shocked at first, since I really didnt expect her to be with a guy like him, and she knew what kind of person and boyfriend he was. But it isnt my place, and I told her that I’m happy shes happy, and that was that. Well two days later, we are texting about the wedding and everything and she mentions steve being her plus one. I do not want him there. Not only because I know my sister, who’s my moh, doesnt want him there, but also because I dont like him and neither does my fiance.

I immediately told her that Steve was not invited to the wedding. She was confused, and I explained to her that I was sorry, and I’m happy for her, but I didnt want him there. At first she thought it was just because my sister would be, and kept saying that they wouldnt even be near each other and it would be fine. But then i explained that with everything that happened, we didnt want him there. I said sorry again, but she kept saying how I dont want her to be happy, how I just want to live in the past, how I want to punish her for finding love, stuff like that. None of that is true, and I tried to tell her that but she stopped responding.

So now I’m left feeling like a complete *sshole and i dont know if i should just let steve come or not.

Edit/Update(?): First of all, I want to thank everyone sm for commenting and giving judgment. I know I havent replied to everyone but I tried to give any extra info that was asked for or relevant, though I am sorry if I didnt reply to you ❤.

Now, as I have mentioned in the comments, I had a lapse in my judgment and that’s what lead to this post. I thought maybe I was seeing things simply from my distaste for Steve and it was coming off as I wasnt supportive of Amanda and that’s what made me think I was wrong for not allowing him to come. But I see now, I am completely in the right to not have or want him there so he will not be invited and that wont be changing. With Amanda, I have pretty much decided that she is no longer invited to my wedding and I’m pretty sure I’m ending the friendship, but I wanted to sit down with her and have a conversation first. Not to salvage anything, but I have some things to say to her and questions to ask.

With the cheating; I mentioned in the comments that we only know of 3 girls steve cheated with. We all believe there are more, especially since one of the affairs goes all the way back to a year (they were together for 2), but we dont know for sure and have no solid evidence atm, and Lily doesnt care to find any. Amanda could very well be one of the unknown affair partners, it’s very likely and the timing and secrecy make more sense to believe she was. Even though I intend to end this friendship, and I’m finding it hard to believe that Steve wasnt cheating with her, it would still suck if she had been. Another thing I mentioned in the comments was that Amanda had offered support to my sister when everything happened, she even said more than once that ‘Steve was an *sshole for hurting Lily’, and for that to most likely had been an act would suck lol.

I would also like to clear up something about Amanda and her wanting to ‘make their relationship public’s. Right after she told me they were dating, she started posting them of social media and telling people, so my wedding wouldnt really be their coming out event, though it would definitely be a way for them to show off their relationship and gloat and everything. Still not okay, but just wanted to clear it up and not mislead anyone.

Last thing lol: I was finally able to get a respond out of Amanda. I told her I would like to talk to her about everything and get everything out in the open, and she has agreed to meet with me and talk. Sooo I shall update when that happens.


2. Won’t permit a unique dress

Throwaway account because she uses reddit. My (M25) girlfriend (F30) Nat has a very particular sense of style. Picture Harley Finkle from wizards of waverly place, you will get the idea. Don’t get me wrong, i never had a problem with that! In fact, i love the way she dresses because she loves to do so, and i am happy if she is happy. The thing is, sometimes she likes to incorporate memes into her clothes. No problem. It’s cute. But now she wants to wear a dress inspired on the meme “gay rat wedding”. To my friend’s wedding. He and his fiancé are gay. I told her, maybe that is not really appropriated? The dress in question would be full of little stuffed rats, pride flags and a big “I SUPPORT GAY RATS” on the front. My friend is not a big fan of the way my GF dresses and i think this dress may cause an certain uproar in the wedding. Now, nat is upset with me and claiming that i am “throwing water in her flame of creativity”. The wedding is next month, so she has plenty of time to think about another thing to wear. Should i just let her go with the dress? Am i the *sshole in this situation?


well guys, as many of you pointed out in the comments, me getting a throwaway account didn’t help. She found the post. Guess i was too specific after all. I will update soon


Hello everyone! I would like to thank you all for your judgment, advices and opinions on my post, it was greatly appreciated! So… the conversation did not go well. She was livid with me for exposing her in this way, and although i showed her the comments (most important, the ones from the LGBTQIA community) she refused to admit that her dress was a poor choice, but in fact, her way to “appreciate the gays”. That did not sit well with me. Love can move mountains, but can NOT maintain a relationship with a homophobic. So, now i am going to the wedding a single, rat-free-dress, man! I did reach out to my friend and send him this post. He thought the situation to be hilarious, but if she did show up in the dress, he would def kick us to the curb. I guess this is all! Ps: i am deeply sorry for misspelling harpey’s name, won’t happen again lol


3. Arrested coworkers

The title sounds bad, but hear me out.

I (38f) had 2 work colleagues, Mary and Adam (both in their late 20s-early 30s). Mary started in the company first and then she got Adam to join, they worked in different departments and Mary was in mine. Later, Mary left the company to pursue another carrier. When they started at the company, they were already married for a few years.

Now Mary is the kindest and loveliest person I’ve ever met. She was always polite, helpful and would cheer anyone up. We missed her dearly. So it came to a shock when we found out she is divorcing Adam because he has cheated on her. I have called her to express how sorry I am that this has happened to her and we were talking almost daipy ever since. I was impressed how well Mary holds herself in such situation, she wouldn’t bad mouth Adam and the only thing she mentioned was how her wedding dress and a few family heirlooms went missing when she was moving her stuff from their apartment. She thought they might be misplaced in a different box and will turn up eventually.

A few years passed, I now work in the same department as Adam. He is a good work colleague but can be dismissive and ignorant sometimes. Adam invited me to his wedding with the lady, “Chelsea” he cheated on Mary with. As the entire department was invited, I said yes, making sure Mary is OK with this. I’ve also told her where the wedding will be. (It’s not too far from where she lives and we could go for some drinks after if she wanted to)

On the day of Adams wedding, I have noticed that Chelsea is wearing a similar dress that Mary worn in the photos of hers and Adams wedding years ago. So without thinking I have snapped a picture and send it to Mary with the caption saying: “doesn’t this dress looks familiar?”. Mary saw the message but she didn’t respond and about an hour later the police shown up at the venue.

I need to add the police in our country is ruthless and any theft is considered a criminal matter for the police to deal with. Police has asked Chelsea to take the dress and all the jewellery off, Chelsea refused and started arguing with them, and then Adam joined in. As they were rude to the police, they were taken to the police station. Everyone at the wedding had to leave. I have tried to call Mary but she wouldn’t pick up the phone.

As we found out later Chelsea was wearing Mary’s wedding dress and her heirlooms, Mary spotted them on her in the picture I sent to her and called the police. Apparently, she has previously asked Adam if he had them, and he declined, saying he never saw them. So after she saw the picture she knew he was lying and stole them. Chelsea had to leave the wedding dress and jewelery at the police station and go home wearing her underwear and Adams jacket after they were bailed out.

Yesterday Adam returned to the office and went completely mental at me, blaming me for sending a picture to Mary and ruining his wedding, he would also call me an *sshole for what I did.


4. The real reason his GF wasn’t there

I don’t care if my family recognizes this, but using a throwaway because I don’t want them following back to my regular account.

So first off, I’m a girl, and so is my GF of 4 years (obviously). We’re both mid/late twenties, shared finances, live together, planning to marry and buy a house, etc. This is relevant later.

When my brother sent out wedding invites, only my name was on it. I asked Dan and he said that because of COVID, they were restricting numbers and no one was getting a +1. Fair enough, no problem.

Anyway, I get there on Saturday and everyone has a +1. Even my cousin who’s only been casually seeing this guy for like a couple of weeks. It’s obvious why. This isn’t the first time GF’s been treated differently, but it’s the first time it’s been blatant beyond plausible deniability. I’m furious, but I grit my teeth, smile, and get through the ceremony.

At the reception, my family immediate notices GF is missing and asks about her. I was going to say she was sick but then I decide you know what? f*ck it. I just said “She wasn’t invited. Gee, I wonder why?” I wasn’t shouting, but it was pretty clear I was bitter. Shortly after that, my brother and his new wife come storming over. She’s sobbing and he’s whisper-shouting threats at me so I left.

Now my immediate family isn’t talking to me except to yell at me, and the rest of my family isn’t talking to them except to yell at them. My mom insists it was a mix up/misunderstanding with the invites. My dad wants me to apologize because, even though though it was wrong to exclude her, it was their day and I shouldn’t have made it about me by causing drama.

Dan and Maddy are being shunned by half the extended family, and the other half are split between being on their side or staying neutral. My mom thinks if I apologize and tell everyone it was a misunderstanding I can smooth it over, but I kinda don’t wanna. AITA?


5. Switched food

My wife and I were invited to a wedding hosted by our close friends.

Probably to save money, the same meal was served to everyone and no changes were allowed to be made unless someone suffered an allergy to the food (lobster, mashed potatoes, great beans). I absolutely hate lobster so my wife and I agreed that she would take my helping of lobster and I’d take her helping of mashed potatoes.

We didn’t tell our friends (they’ve been so busy with the wedding that it seemed frivolous to tell them) and when we went, we simply scooped the respective food onto the other’s place. Well, I guess they saw us and the groom confronted us after the reception for our unprofessional display. My wife and I had our baby with us so we just left rather than engage in a fight but both of our friends are made at us and thought that we acted like children by not eating what was given.


6. Free childcare

Obligatory throwaway/long time lurker disclaimer, because apparently that matters.

A few months ago my (31M) sister (29F) announced that she was going to get married. The planning process took a while but the date and venue were agreed on. Now, my sister has a baby (1M) that just loves to cry. He cries all the time, unless someone takes him outside for fresh air.

So a few days ago the wedding started. Because I was out of town I missed the night before the wedding (basically a get-together period for family members and a big party) but showed up for the ceremony and reception. The second I got there my sister asked me to take the baby outside in order to calm him down. I agreed because the ceremony hadn’t started yet, but she asked me to take the baby outside again a while later. When I asked why the baby didn’t have a sitter, she said that they spent all the money on the ceremony and parties.

I was kind of annoyed because I wanted to sit in on the ceremony, but just about everyone jumped on me telling me to do my sister a favour and that “it was her day”. I asked her about when I was expected to take the baby out for fresh air, and she gave me this huge list of times that basically meant I missed out on the important parts. I wouldn’t be there for the exchanging of vows, the reception, the aisle walk, the readings, the kiss, etc.

I figured out that in total I would have about 30 minutes actually sitting inside, and the rest was just about the baby. When I pointed this out to her she said someone would videotape it for me but I wasn’t convinced. I wanted to watch my sister reach a milestone, and that was what I came for. I told her that someone else could watch the baby for her, and that as her brother I wanted to watch the wedding, and not have to miss her getting married. Again, she told me to “just do it”.

I was really mad, but tried not to show it on the outside. When I asked about the reception, she told me, “Oh, you’ll have to miss out. [Baby’s name] needs to be outside and has to be fed.”

That was the final straw, and when my mother was holding the baby I slipped out and just left. The next day I get a call from my sister, and she’s screaming about how I ruined her wedding and how the baby wouldn’t stop crying. I told her that I left because she treated me like a babysitter instead of a guest/family member, and said that it was her fault if she couldn’t get a nanny or ask a friend to do it. Since then I’ve been nuked with calls from family calling me selfish and telling me that I’m effectively disowned unless I apologise. I see no reason to. AITA?


7. Doesn’t Let An In Law Wear Wedding Gown

My (28F) husband (30M) have been married for almost six years now. At the time of our engagement, neither of us had much money, so there was no way I could have afforded the wedding dress that I wanted to wear. Thankfully for me, my mother is something of a seamstress, and offered to help me make my dream dress. We spent over a year finding the pattern, picking the fabrics, and making my beautiful wedding dress completely from scratch. It’s the first big project I’ve ever sewn, so I’m quite proud of it. Making it also brought me much closer to my mother, as the whole project was sort of a bonding experience. It also holds a lot of additional sentimental value as my dad passed away while we were making it, so I sewed a heart shaped cutout of one of his shirts into the lining of the dress in order to keep him with me on my big day. This dress not only brought me closer to my husband, but my family too. It means so much to me.

My SIL (F23) just got engaged recently, and is in a similar situation with her wedding. She just got out of college and started work as a teacher. Between her loans and a relatively low salary, she doesn’t have very much money to pay for her wedding. Dress shopping has been a bit stressful for her, as all the dresses that fit her taste are just so far out of her budget. This all leads up to Tuesday morning, when she called up my husband and asked if I would be willing to let her borrow my dress. She mentioned that it could be her “something borrowed.” My husband says that he would have to ask me first, because it wasn’t his to loan out. His sister told him that it wouldn’t be a problem and I’d barely miss it as it was just sitting in a box anyway. He still said he would have to ask me and forgot about it. He finished his work day and picked me up from my job and we came home to his little sister trying on my wedding dress and his mom clipping it in the back to fit her better. Seeing somebody else in my dress totally blindsided me. I was stunned and asked what they were doing, and my MIL said that they were planning alterations since SIL is significantly smaller than me. I told them that there is no way I would be loaning my dress out to anyone. It not only represents my love to my husband, but the bond with some of my family as well. This escalated into an argument that ended in my MIL calling me a selfish b*tch and leaving with SIL. My husband thankfully grabbed the dress during the argument so they didn’t grab it when they left. I was really upset, but thought about it after I had some time to call down. I don’t have any uses for my dress, and I do love my SIL. I feel as if I maybe overreacted and shut them down too quickly. AITA?


8. You can’t use my owl

I am a Falconer and perform in Falconry shows with my owls. There is some debate in the community over owls being used but it has gained a lot of traction over the years and I find my owls are easier to manage for me personally than my other birds were.

My friend is having a Harry Potter themed wedding and is begging to have me work with one of my owls to have the ring flown down the aisle to them bringing up how well trained they are and how it will really sell the moment. Now, in theory this could be done after all 9 times out of 10 they’ll do exactly as I want it’s just the 1 time i’m worried about and I don’t exactly want to take that risk with wedding rings.

I explained my concerns to my friend and said it wasn’t a risk i’d advise they take, I offered as an alternative me coming with all my owls and helping them and the guests take pictures with them and maybe even do a little brief flying show as a gift to them. My friend is upset with me saying she has seen how well i’ve trained them and has complete confidence they wont mess up, and how this would be such a huge thing for the wedding.

It’s their risk to take I guess but I a just not entirely comfortable with this….am I the *sshole for saying no? should I just agree but stress that if a f*ck up happens it’s not on me as I warned them?


9. Uninvited parents

My wedding is coming up soon and my parents were telling me about how they met. They started telling me how “romantic” their story was. Long story short, my dad was married to someone else and they were trying to get pregnant but they couldn’t. He started having an affair with my mom, who worked with him and knew about his wife and them trying to get pregnant, and my mom got pregnant with me. When this happened my dad left his ex wife and married my mom.

I was shocked when they told me this, not just by what they were telling me but they were so relaxed (is that the right word?) about it. I knew they met at work but I didn’t know anything about this. I blew up at them and told them they were horrible people, and a few hours later I texted them that I was disinviting them from my wedding. This was yesterday. They’re telling me they thought I would be able to understand now (because I’m getting married I’m supposed to understand why my dad had an affair?) and I’m overreacting.

I don’t know if I made the right choice. They’re good parents. Honestly, I wouldn’t even care if they admitted they hurt people or showed any guilt. But they were literally bragging about how “romantic” it was and now I can’t stop thinking of the poor woman my dad left behind, and how I’m part of the reason this all happened. I can’t think of my parents the same anymore either. My husband is saying I should try to forgive them but he will support me either way.


10. Wears MIL’s Dress

MIL and I have never had the best relationship, but I would say it is alright. We are just so so different and can’t really understand each other. MIL isn’t a very nice person but she can be extremely generous (I’m talking almost manic about it) and she seems to do it because she likes the praise. She isn’t too interested in her son or grandkids on a day to day basis, but does come around occasionally with lavish gifts, which I have always struggled to accept.

MIL got married 5 years ago and I did not go. It was a hard decision for me but honestly I was disgusted with the man she was marrying. He is an executive for a big pharma company (we are in the US) so I just don’t think he is a good man. What made it so much worse for me is MIL has a medical condition which is chronic, not life threatening, but it can range from mild to debilitating. It has never effected her very much because she’s always been able to afford prescriptions. I just don’t see how she of all people can marry this dude. The man even admitted that he sees the moral issue but he grew up poor and he was going to make money no matter what. It just feels so wrong to me. Honestly their relationship sickens me. He gets so concerned when she has any symptoms and babies her, but doesn’t give a sh*t about everyone his company screws. I know MIL thinks I’m dramatic and naive and she was annoyed I didn’t go.

Anway my husband and I didn’t get a wedding the first time due to family drama, me being pregnant, and some financial issues. We decided to have a vow renewal because I’ve always regretted not having a wedding. Budget is still tight but we are moving forward. I love MIL’s wedding gown. She works in the fashion industry and has great taste (I suck at dressing myself) and it is unique and super gorgeous. It is also something I could never afford.

I casually mentioned that it was perfect and she said I could wear it. I was taken aback because we don’t have a great relationship, but she said it isn’t a big deal to her and if I want to i can. I admit I got a little caught up in the fantasy because i love this dress. When MIL’s husband heard he wasn’t happy. He said it was weird that I’d wear the dress when I have such disdain for their marriage. MIL offered to take back the offer but he said no it was her dress and she can do whatever, but I’m a hypocrite and maybe more like him (blinded by money) then i can admit.

I was so embarrassed that I teared up a little, which was humiliating. I still plan to wear it but he has made a couple jokes to my husband about it and I heard some other family is gossiping.


11. Change Date?

I have 2 daughters, April (24), and Kate (22), Kate is getting married this march. Now none of us knew the date til we got the invitations. When April got her invitation, she called me saying that since she’s due this month (she’s expecting her baby) then the chance of her attending her sister’s wedding is slim. It dawned on me and we started discussing all possible scenarios and April said that even if she gave birth a week or 2 before the wedding then she won’t be able to attend either because she’ll need time to settle and recover. I agreed with her but was hasitant wheb she suggested I talk Kate into moving her wedding at least 2 months. I called Kate and told her about the conversation April and I had, I asked if she could consider moving the wedding date a couple of months so April could attend and she shut it down immediately. I said that her sister cares about her enough to want to be in the wedding so bad and she should really consider because it’s better to wait then have a wedding with missing family members. She said mine and April’s request was unrealistic and selfish because she and her fiance spent money on the Venue, invitations, food etc. I said I understand but really is those things more important than her sister’s presence at the wedding? God blessed them with a good relationship and missing the wedding without a doubt will make April hurt. Kate ruedly said this isn’t about April but I warned her that April might get so hurt she’d consider letting her meet the baby once he arrives. Kate got mad and told me to stop bullying her into doing what April want and told me it’s her wedding and no ond has the right to tell her what to do. I asked what’s with this attitude and she hung up. I tried calling her and her fiance asked me to stop forcing the issue and let the sisters work this out hut I think that as their mother it’s my role to navigate through their disagreements.

They said I’m meddling but I think I’m trying to work this issue out. AITA?


12. Stay Home

My daughter (28f) is marrying a woman (28f) and my husband and I have been trying to be as involved as we can be without violating our conscience or who we are and what we believe. Ever since our daughter opened up to us about her relationship, we’ve been staying open-minded, praying, communicating with her about it, asking questions, researching, welcoming the girlfriend into our home and getting to know her, attending online therapy with a LGBT counselor that our daughter paid for, and just overall trying to be a loving presence in our daughter’s life. It’s a process and my husband and I have come a long way from where we were, but sometimes we still come across these, what our therapist calls, “blocks of resistance” that hold us back from supporting our daughter in the way that she may want us to, in that moment.

And what I really appreciate about this counselor is that she takes our situation into account as well and is willing to speak up for my husband and I. A few years ago, when our daughter wanted us to attend a gay parade with her, we were hesitant and our counselor stood by us by telling our daughter that it was “too soon”.

But other than the gay parade, things have been pretty smooth up until now. My husband has drawn a hard line about attending the wedding. I was sort of on the fence about attending, but I decided to stick with my husband. Our daughter is p*ssed. At our last therapy session together, a week ago, our daughter said that if we didnt come to the wedding, all the work and progress that we had made would mean nothing to her, and that she would not want us to be a part of her life.

Again the counselor spoke up for us and told our daughter that everyone had their hard boundaries (boundaries that they would absolutely not cross) and that instead of making ultimatums, it would be better to consider the overall picture rather than letting one moment be the deciding factor of the relationship. [I’m paraphrasing, she said it much better, but I think I got the main point].

The counselor talked to me privately afterward and told me how her parents hadn’t came to her wedding, and they eventually made up thirty years down the line, but that was thirty years of memories that they both had missed out on. Yet, when she talked to her parents about it recently, they said that even as much as it had hurt them not to go, they would have made the same choice because it was just something that they strongly disapproved of. She ended by telling me that she wasn’t going to tell me to go or not to go, but to really consider all the pros and cons.


13. Old Friends and Bullies

I (m33) am getting married to my fiancee (f32) next month, We knew each other from when we were in high school. I had an old group of friends that I wanted to invite to my weeding because they were close to me back then. When my fiancee found out and read the name on every invitation, she went into panic mode. She said she doesn’t want any member of this group in our wedding whatsoever, I asked her to explain and she claimed they’d heavily bullied and harrassed her in high school while she was dealing with major health problems. She said they made her life hell and caused her mental health permenant damaged. I asked if she was serious because this was many years ago and everyone has matured by now. She said no and that it doesn’t make sense that I want to invite them when I don’t even hang out with them since God knows when. I said true but most of them are from my neighborhood (parents house) and they were part of my childhood-teenage years and I wanted them to be invited. pluse I’m in constant contact with some of them. She said she’ll veto my decision but I argued that it was ridiculous that she is so hung up on some petty high school drama. she started crying saying I have no consideration for how she feels and felt like I was prioritizing this group over her. I refused to argue anymore because I felt that she keeps disrespecting my choices yet, I got called the selfish one in this whole situation.

She’s still arguing with me about it and it’s getting exhausting because I don’t tell her to invite thus person or that person. AITA then?


14. No Brother

My husband (32) grew up with one sibling, his sister (28). their parente seperated and because of that they drifted apart because each one of them chose one parent to stay with. he had a rocky relationship with SIL growing up as a result, but later got to work out their differences.

My husband is a jokester, Sil complains about being on the recieving end of his pranks and jokes whenever they spent time together, She claimed that because of him, she lost her high school friends, her highschool sweetheart and lots of self esteem because his pranks wore her down emotionally and mentally. Now they’re in a better place but old habits die hard and my husband is still the jokester he was years ago.

SIL got engaged 2 momths ago and invited my husband and me. Unfortunately, My husband decided it was a good time to pull a prank on her during the party and lied about her fiance’s brother having an accident that night. He was joking of course, but things got out of hands and the party got cancelled. My SIL yelled at my husband and hasn’t been speaking to him eversince.

Now her wedding is comping up, but she hasn’t yet sent her brother an invite. Seeing him sad and depressed made me call her to ask what the deal was. She bluntly said she wasn’t going to send him an invite to her wedding after he ruined her engagement but I thought that was excessive, first of all, it was a prank, a regular one that he pulls all the time and she and everyone else reacted over the top. and besides he already apologized multiple times and in my opinion, that should be enough for him to be granted some grace and forgiveness. She said sorry but she wasn’t going to take a risk snd invite him so he’d ruin her wedding, and besides that her fiance does not feel comfortable having him there and she agreed with him. I was stunned I called her cruel because this is her brother, and he never had malicious intentions towards her yet, she keeps getting offended and oversensitive over everything he does, at the end of the day they’re family. She asked that I respect her choice but I said that this is not okay seeing how sad her brother is because he doesn’t wanna miss her wedding. She ended the call after saying she owes no one nothing. I found that real harsh and cruel and felt like she keeps punishing him over something that was in the past. My husband started crying when I told him about it, but there are actually some family members agreeing with her decision and telling me off for defending my husband’s “horrid” attitude.


15. Hides her shoes

To start I’m going to mention that I’m your typical 5’6 short guy. I hate myself for it, I’m openly insecure about it and have exhausted all solutions to fix this issue.

I met my girlfriend 6 months ago, she met my family and they embraced her right away. My sister invited her to her wedding and mentioned including her in the wedding photos. I asked my girlfriend what shoes she was going to wear and she showed me a pair of high heels that would’ve basically made her look 2x taller than me. I asked if she could consider wearing sandals instead since there was going to be photos and I didn’t want to look like a Gnome standing next to her. She called me silly and brushed off my concerns which was not appreciated. the day of the wedding I hid her pair of high heels (she has only one set in the apt because she moved out all the old ones after I asked her to). She tried looking for them and really seemed to think something strange happened. I started telling her to her up so we could get to the venu on time and she ended up wearing flat sandals as replacement.

Everything went well, And I gave her high heels back once we got home. she was shocked when she saw me holding them. I admitted hiding them for the reasons I stated above and she got mad at me and said that I shouldn’t have done that and forced her to wear sandals that completely didn’t match with the dress. She kept saying I got what I wanted but she will forever look awkward in those photos wearing those sandals.

I do think she had every reason to be upset with me but what was I supposed to do after I made my wishes clear and she brushed them off knowing full well how I felt about those high heels.

so AITA? I really thought of it as harmless move and I think she might have overreacted.